Génération de diagrammes PlantUML avec Gitlab-CI

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The easy way to keep diagrams up-to-date with the code

What ?

Diagrams are :

  • 100% text described
  • built with gitlab-ci
  • deployed on gitlab-pages

So easy to maintain that your diagrams could be still up-to-date even 10 months later!!!

How ?

Just push diagram sources and .gitlab-ci.yml will build & deploy it on pages :

Physical data model with shared files.

D.R.Y. !

Using !include or !includeurl PlantUML's preprocessor directives allows you to share common sources between diagrams.

In this repo, shared files diagrams share same data :

  • associations
  • attributes
  • classes
  • keys
  • legend
  • relations

Hence, if you add something in your shared sources, all diagrams will get it !

Talk is cheap. Show me the code.

Diagram type Single file Shared files
Functional domain - (diagram) - [source] - common parts
Functional domain detailed (diagram) - [source] (diagram) - [source] - common parts
Physical data model (diagram) - [source] (diagram) - [source] - common parts